Turn old phones into fast cash. Start a recycling fundraiser and raise unlimited capital for your cause. TronicsPay provides the necessary tools and equipment to maximize your fundraising campaign.  Follow our 4-simple steps to get started.
Four Simple Steps
          • Ship phones back by printing our prepaid shipping label.
          • Use our Marketing Tools & Tips as the focus of your collection program.
          • Request our free collection box or use your own.
          • Get PAID:  Receive a check and detailed quote report in the mail.
Benefits of a Cell Phone Fundraiser:
  • No cost to participate. It’s 100% free!
  • Limitless profit potential.
  • Protect and safeguard the environment.
  • Simple to start, easy to operate.
  • No selling involved and no money to handle.
  • Good for schools, churches, sports teams, clubs, and non-profits.
Your Device Will Not Qualify for Full Payment If:
  • No Power:  Phone doesn’t turn on.
  • Invalid ESN/IMEI:  Phone is lost, stolen, or still tied to an account.
  • Water Exposure:  Litmus paper will be pink, purple, or red if exposed to water.
  • Damaged Housing:  Body damage to the phone like cracks, chips, and scratches.
  • Broken Display:  White display, cracked LCD, or touch screen not functional.
  • Hardware Issues:  Non-functional ringer, vibrate, speaker, camera and/or USB port.