FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

TronicsPay wants to ensure your experience is simple and pleasant while keeping you informed every step of the way.  We understand any nervousness about sending in your mobile device.  We have compiled a list of answers to the most often-asked questions.

How Do I Erase Data From My Android Smartphones?

Open Home Screen or Main Menu

Select “Settings”

Select “Privacy” (On some devices select “Personal”, “Account”, or “Storage”)

Select “Unlocked Data Reset” (Some devices may require “Backup & Reset” before “Unlocked Data Reset”)

Select “Reset Phone” (Some devices may require “Delete All” or “Erase All”)

Do You Sell Phones In Bulk To Wholesale Buyers?

We sell phones in bulk to buyers, both, domestically and internationally.

Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Do You Offer Free Shipping Materials?

No. We do not offer any shipping boxes. We only offer free shipping labels. After you submit your order and get a cash offer. You will get a free shipping label sent to your email instantly. You can use any box of your choice. Print the shipping label from your email.

Deactivating Activation Lock / Find My IPhone

Activation Lock is designed to keep your device and your information safe in case your iPhone is ever lost or stolen. If you erase your device without signing out of iCloud It will Lock the device and is no longer usable. Here are quick easy steps to remove your icloud before resetting device.








How Do I Find The Model Number For My Phone?

Model numbers are usually located underneath the battery or on the back of any iPhone.

What Should I Do Before Sending My Phone?

Please back up and erase all personal files and information on your phone.  If you sent it without doing this, don’t worry.  We will restore your phone back to factory settings.

Will You Buy My Broken Phone?

Yes.  With our easy-to-use online system you can see exactly what your phone is worth.  Be sure to provide accurate information regarding the condition of your phone in the checkout form.

Do You Buy Phones Outside The U.S.?

We do not buy phones outside the United States.  We are looking forward to expansion in the future but for now our service is only active in the United States.

Will You Delete My Personal Data?

Yes.  We restore every phone back to factory settings.  Your personal information will be safe and secure.  However, we suggest that you backup and erase your information beforehand.

How Do I Track The Status Of My Sale?

It’s easy.  Visit the Track My Order page on our website and enter the email address used to register the sale of your phone.  That will allow you to view the complete status of your phone.

How Do I Ship My Device?

The fastest option is to print our prepaid shipping label. Tape the label to any box of your choice, secure the phone inside with packing material, and drop it off at your local post office. At this time, we do not offer shipping boxes.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Payment?

We issue payment within 24 hrs of your phone arriving at our facility.  PayPal payments will be credited into your account instantly.  A business check takes 3-5 days, however.

Am I Guaranteed To Receive The Payout Quoted?

Yes, as long as you provided accurate information. We take into account the condition of your device. We look at a National database to see if the phone is stolen / lost. We also look to see if your device is financed by a phone company. Is there a balance left? These factors can alter / change our original cash offer. We also check to see if your device is iCloud locked or Google Locked. However, if the device does not match your description we will email you a quote revision. If you wish to proceed we will process your phone and issue payment. If you decline we will ship your device back free of charge.  Your order will be processed after 3 days if you do not respond.